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About Children Reunited

Our mission is to find Children and reunite them. Before reuniting them with their families, we reunite them with their own selves. We reunite them with the best version of themselves, which they stopped believing they are capable of. We reunite them with their values, their sense of purpose and their reason to live and serve the world they inhabit. Despite their experiences that made them believe otherwise!

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What We Do

How we help Children

We find children. We nurture them by providing safe spaces to heal their hurts, which came from running away from the what is supposed to be the safest place for children – their homes. Whatever the reason, whatever the compulsion, we welcome each child we found to a space of health and beauty, laughter and compassion, trust and companionship.

We feed them, clothe them, tell them stories. We speak to them, hear them and be heard. We revive their strength and courage. We instill hope and pride. We find where they came from, why they left, who is responsible. We tighten the loose ends, mend the fences, resurrect the space that was once their safe zone. Then we send them to that safe zone. When they choose to go.

We are in the job of reuniting children. With their families. But before that, we reunite them with their bliss.

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