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About Us

Children Reunited is a concerted, organized effort aimed at rescuing, rehabilitating and reuniting runaway children with their families. We firmly believe that children deserve to have their basic human rights met, and that those rights are best protected within their own family homes. At Children Reunited, we seek to prevent children from getting pulled into nefarious activities and work relentlessly to rehabilitate them and bring them back to their families.

Our work starts at railway stations in and around Mumbai, with our trained volunteers scanning for the telltale signs of runaway children among arriving passengers. Our work culminates when we safely return a child to his parents, after both the child and his parents have been sufficiently tended to and counselled.

Innocent young children who take the unthinkable step of running away from their homes do so to escape various forms of psychological, physical or socio-economic duress. They step out of their homes in search of a better tomorrow, but little do they know what awaits them outside. They end up out on the streets, in what are likely far more vulnerable circumstances. To top it off, they no longer have access to food, shelter or the security that comes from having someone to call your own. Everything they once knew has been stripped away from them. In its place, they are left to fend for themselves, fully exposed to all kinds of abuse.

While the future of these boys might appear bleak, at Children Reunited, we choose hope instead. A hope that is not baseless but is backed by our success with over 10,000 runaway children and their families, in turn. Each day, we rise again with the resolve to locate even more of these runaway children and bring them a step closer to reunion.

Our Goals

While our day to day work is targeted at reuniting runaway children with their families, our primary goal extends beyond that. What we are working towards, in effect, is creating a society that is both aware of and respects children’s rights and one where each family does what it takes to keep their children safe and close. Every child deserves to be home and feel loved and supported at all times.

To achieve this overarching goal, we have charted out the following roadmap:

  • Increased area of influence – we are looking to expand our geographic reach to all Maharashtrian stations and thereafter to stations across India. It is our intent to remedy the runaway problem right at its source by locating children before they first board the train.
  • Higher enrolment and support – we want more people to join our movement of creating a more child-friendly society. To find out more, visit our Contact us page.
  • Opening child welfare centres – this is something we wish to do at every single station in Maharashtra in order to provide immediate help to children. This will also lower the risk of the child running away from the safety of our volunteers.
  • Vocational training – we are working towards opening vocational training centres to provide children (especially those above 15) with lifetime practical skills that can help sustain them in the future.
  • Education of families – we are committed to educating families on child-friendly practices and how they can help arrest the growth in the number of runaway children by offering additional love and care to their children.
  • Increased number of open shelters – we aim to increase the number of open shelters that temporarily house children whilst their parents and family are tracked down for reunion.
  • Higher awareness – we are working at increasing awareness on children’s rights and securities in our society.

Our Vision and Mission

At Children Reunited, we envision children growing up within their home in their own state. We want children to be able to converse in their mother tongue and have the opportunity to celebrate their festivals and traditions together with their community.

Our mission is to locate runaway children, rehabilitate them and finally reunite them with their families. Before reuniting them with their families however, we help them learn a healthier way of relating both to their own selves and to others.

Founder Biography

Children Reunited is the brainchild of S Hariharan who is a philanthropist and a successful Mumbai based businessman. He owns a BPO company which has multiple branches all over India and employs thousands of qualified people.

Over three decades ago, Mr. Hariharan was once a runaway child himself and used to wander through railway stations and busy streets looking to survive. Originally from Palakkad, Kerala, Hariharan's case is that of a rags to riches story. Living on the streets had taught Mr. Hariharan serious life lessons and that is what has inspired Mr. Hariharan to establish an NGO named Street Children Foundation which identifies, rescues and rehabilitates runaway children before reuniting them with their families.